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West-Fair has built its reputation on consistently providing good work, an ability to stay in tune with changes in technology and style and a genuine concern for its clients, suppliers and employees.

People really do make the difference

Consider this, West-Fair employs graduate electrical engineers, professional engineers, a staff CPA, and even its own attorney. It also boasts construction supervisory personnel who are among the most able and experienced in the industry.

In addition, out of a usual field crew numbering a hundred or more, fully 30 percent have been continuously employed by West-Fair for over 20 years. This stability insures productivity and helps to maintain its high standards.


Furthermore, West-Fair uses its own people in 95 percent of its work. The project managers, superintendents and foremen have a hands-on approach to all projects undertaken.

It must be remembered that for almost 47 years they have had nothing but satisfied customers in both the private and public sectors.

West-Fair has successfully completed projects of every conceivable electrical type through its operations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

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